Little Fantasy Body Scrub

Little Fantasy Body Scrub

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As the name states, this scrub will take your mind of to a paradise. The scents alone is very renewed and invigorating. Exfoliating your skin to ensure that you always look youthful.

All PureMAE products are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils.

Suitable for: Exfoliation, Youthful 
Packaging: 1 tub X 100ml

1. Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil:
Provides antioxidants to your skin. Reducing dark spots due to aging. Revitalize your skin and ensure that you would always look youthful and radiant.

2. Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Essential Oil: 
Contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for effective acne spot treatment in people who do not have sensitive skin. Also has analgesic qualities that are effective against painful cysts and pimples. Studies suggests that bergamot essential oils also aids in keeping skin youthful.

3. Jojoba Oil Mineral Blue Beads:
Provide a natural exfoliating action that digs deep into pores. Jojoba also imitates the structure and consistency of sebum, a natural oil secreted by the sebaceous gland in the skin that works to lubricate and waterproof skin.

4. Walnut Shell Powder: 

Walnut shells are extremely hard and do not break down in the product. Their hardness makes them a highly effective natural body scrub coping very efficiently with even thick deposits of dead surface skin.

5. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract: 
Antiseptic properties and promotes skin hydration.

6. Trehalose: 
Protects against skin dehydration and acts as an effective moisturizer.

7. Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract: 
This flavorful herb is a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6, which supports healthy collagen levels.