Our Online Journey

Having nothing more than just the capital sufficient to produce/procure a very limited number of our skincare products, and the ambition to make it big in the world of skincare products, we/PureMAE knew that as long as we continued to put in the time, patience and effort, we'd one day achieve that goal.

Starting with just the most affordable means of marketing, 2019 was the year we established our online presence within the social medias via Facebook, Instagram, Lazada and a simple website.

After experiencing and realizing the potential online shopping has for a business, we created a Shopee account to further expand our presence and influence within the industry in 2020. 



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PureMAE 2019


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PureMAE 2020


PureMAE 2021


We add on our online store in Lazada that same year. 1 year later, we added another online store.

This time, in shopee. This year, despite the pandemic, we were invited to join subplace. 2021, our presence in subplace emerged. We continue to strive for the best and continue to grow and expand.

It is now nearing the end of 2021, and we've managed to further expand our digital presence through an account with subplace, as well as engage ourselves with a digital marketing agency in order to elevate our business potential to greater heights at an even faster pace!

The past few years have been an invaluable experience for us as we had learned and grew so much. You can expect that
our growth will only continue as we continue to expand